Hi, I'm Natalie!

I graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2020, and now I work as a Software Engineer based in Boston. I like petting cute puppies, baking things that are sweet, and wearing awesome socks.

Work Experience

Currently I am a Software Engineer at EnergySage in Boston, MA! I am helping to build and maintain EnergySage's online solar comparison marketplace as full-stack developer.

In the summer of 2019, I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at UPS. Prior to that I was a research assistant in the Hartwig lab at UC Berkeley sponsored by the Amgen Scholars Program (see me on the front page!). I also worked as a research assistant in the Soper lab at Georgia Tech.

Favorite Projects

In one of my favorite projects, I built a program called My Angel Sight that helps drivers become aware of their distracted driving and incentives attentive driving. The program uses OpenCV library and a convolutional neural network to determine if a driver is distracted while driving. I built a Google Cloud Function to calculate distraction scores and store them in a MySQL database. This was awarded 1st place in the Experienced Hack Category at HackAuburn and winner of TSYS sponsor prize.

In another project, I built an app that notifies users by text when there is inclement weather. This tool uses a Python backend that is hosted on Heroku. Users can specify weather conditions to be alerted about which is stored in an AWS Postgres database.

I also like to bake :)


I graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2020 with my BS in Chemistry.

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