Hi, I'm Natalie!

I am a fourth-year chemistry major at Georgia Tech focusing on Computer Science. I like petting cute puppies, baking things that are sweet, and wearing awesome socks.

In the first part of undergrad I focused on chemistry research, however I learned to program to automate my data analysis. I found this really interesting and since then I've been teaching myself programming and since then I have completed two computer science internships! Scroll to read more!

Favorite Work Experiences

disclaimer: all the places I work because they're all awesome :)

Currently I am a Software Engineering Intern at EnergySage in Boston, MA! I am helping to build and maintain an online solar comparison marketplace as full-stack developer. Here I develop new features using Django in order to improve the EnergySage marketplace.

In the summer of 2019, I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at UPS. While there, I developed a Python tool for the supply chain division to automate customer issue tracking and data management of those issues.

Favorite Projects

(left: alpaca because they're cool) In one of my favorite projects, I built a program called My Angel Sight that helps drivers become aware of their distracted driving and incentives attentive driving. The program uses OpenCV library and a convolutional neural network to determine if a driver is distracted while driving. I built a Google Cloud Function to calculate distraction scores and store them in a MySQL database. This was awarded 1st place in the Experienced Hack Category at HackAuburn and winner of TSYS sponsor prize. Check out the demo and see more information at myangelsight.com.

In another project, I built an app that notifies users by text when there is inclement weather. This tool uses a Python backend that is hosted on Heroku. Users can specify weather conditions to be alerted about which is stored in an AWS Postgres database. Check out my RainAlert web app.


I most recently worked at UC Berkeley in the College of Chemistry as a scholar in the Amgen Scholars Program. While there I developed and iridium catalyzed allylic substitution reaction that makes enantioenriched fluorinated molecules. At Georgia Tech I work in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry in a lab where I focus on developing a reaction that produces α-trifluoromethylated ketones by reacting silyl enol ethers with a radical CF3 source in the presence of a Co(II) catalyst.


I love using my free time to tackle challenging baking techniques using my understanding of chemistry. Perfecting these bakes is a super fun time and I get to learn more throughout the process.

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